Ioonah Woods


About Ioonah

Ioonah studied Acupuncture at ICOM (International college of Oriental Medicine) She completed BSc Hons level integrated Western medicine and Classical Chinese acupuncture to a high level within the course.

Ioonah Woods is a qualified acupuncturist and a full member of the British Acupuncture Council. She lives a nature based lifestyle with her family on a biodynamic farm in Sussex.

Her life as bee keeper, mother, carer and teacher has given her a wide experience with people in many walks of life. As a mature woman with rich life experience she has become a good listener and can support people through the different seasons of their life, growth fertility, maturity and loss of loved ones. Ioonah has developed deep and compassionate communication skills and clients feel that she creates a space that goes beyond treating health problems.

“People tend to engage with me and talk about their problems and issues this and my own well being motivated me on my path as a therapist.

“The foundation of health is the linking of mind body and soul integrated. Health is regained when we can find our connection to ourselves and to the healing process. It is my belief and experience that health is recovered by reconnecting to the natural flow of balance within our own nature. Small steps can be taken on a path which will help you to regain your health”.

“I so look forward to my fortnightly massage sessions with Ioonah, as I leave with such a wonderful sense of well-being. When I first met Ioonah I told her to work on very specific areas as I felt this was where I needed the treatment most but as she got to know me (and my body!) she has encouraged me to have a more extensive massage and I am definitely feeling the benefits of this. Her massage makes me feel physically and mentally great, she has even managed to extinguish my feelings of ‘guilt’ over my regular self-indulgence and made me realise just how important it is to look after yourself!”

Sandra S