Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture

a woman having facial acupuncture treatmentTreating the face with acupuncture needles is a non-surgical method of improving the skin quality. Acupuncture can stimulate the finer blood vessels to improve flow of blood qi and nutrition to improving the skin quality. Fine lines can be treated and the results are visible from the end of the treatment.

Fine lines can be caused by tension and emotional pressure, treating the face with acupuncture can help to relieve the tension and stress held in the fine muscles, thus releasing the skin to glow and allowing the natural nutrition to access the skin.

Your skin type and personal case history is taken into consideration in the consultation and the treatment is adjusted to who you are and the steps you wish to take in helping your complexion improve.

Scar treatments are also available during the treatment, acupuncture helps to stimulate the flow of qi and blood to areas which have scarring.

The session includes a full assessment of your health and other acupuncture points will be used on your hands or feet to balance your whole system. I will do a light facial massage and then insert needles and then again another light massage afterwards.
There is a slight sensation as the needles go in but it passes after a couple of seconds.

During the consultation your diet and lifestyle will be touched on and advice is offered if wished for.

The recommendation for facial massage is regular sessions to maintain and support regeneration to your skin. Initially a longer consultation is required and regular appointments are shorter in length.

Please come with little or no make-up for the session.


  • Initial appointment 1 ½ hour: £80
  • Following appointments: £65

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